About Victor Tabaac

Growing up, Victor Tabaac always knew that he wanted to do something that would not only challenge him but also help the people around him. This drive led him to start a company dedicated to assisting others with leading technology solutions. He saw firsthand how quickly technology was changing, and he knew that people would need assistance to truly harness the full power of advanced, innovative, and cutting-edge technology. The first business to truly realize the potential of advanced technology would have an edge in the field, and Victor Tabaac wanted to provide his clients with that edge.

Victor Tabaac's entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him to become a prominent figure in the post-pandemic tech industry. As a CEO, he prioritizes the success of his employees and ensures they are well-positioned to achieve their goals. Learn more about Victor Tabaac & his business acumen by visiting his website today.

How It Started

Victor’s obsession with technology and business leadership began at a very young age. As a kid, he would often go into his father’s supercomputer room, a space full of loud and hot servers (his father specialized in healthcare software, used by many pharmacies in the northeast.) Witnessing how technology evolved over the years eventually inspired Vic to join one of the most exciting and rapidly advancing fields available. From room sized setups to personalized hand-held devices, he knew that tech was where he needed to be.

The idea of helping people with technology started when Victor Tabaac realized that many businesses and organizations of all sizes were missing out on the true capabilities of advanced technology. The development and growth of the tech industry post-pandemic changed the way people shop for goods and services, while also changing how companies interact with the world. Tabaac and his partners decided that by specializing in everything that this new normal requires, he could provide his customers and clients with the tools, training, and services needed to meet the unique challenges of the business world.

To truly harness everything needed to make any company a success, Tabaac knew that he needed to set a strong foundation himself.


After excelling in high school, Victor Tabaac went on to attend Penn State University. There, he worked hard, taking classes in a variety of areas to discover what he was truly passionate about. Eventually, he decided to major in Business, Management, Marketing, and related support services.


After gaining as much experience as possible in a variety of areas and industries, Victor Tabaac decided to found in 2018 what would soon become a leading tech company. Since that time, the company has experienced an explosive period of growth. It has enjoyed revenue growth of more than 500 percent year over year during the past 4 years, and all of the growth is dedicated to the quality services that it provides to its customers and clients. By making it as easy as possible for customers and clients to find and deploy ideal solutions, the company has set itself apart from other companies in the industry. This latest success simply serves as another testament to the quality leadership provided by Victor Tabaac and his team.